E-commerce Consultant, Photographer, Designer, Social Media and Website Manager
“Moving from a brick and mortar business to an e-commerce one can be a daunting task, but worry not I’m here to help!”

Hi, we’re Yummy Shot Consultancy, since 2009 we’ve helped small and medium size businesses to transition from brick and mortar to e-commerce.

Whether you’re brand new to e-commerce or already have an e-commerce presence and want to improve your business or processes, we’re here to help.

Starting a new e-commerce can be daunting, scary and sometimes even confusing; website, shipping, tax rules, export, packaging, legalities, BREXIT, and the list goes on and on, trying to figure it all out whilst managing the business itself can be a handful, making you, the business owner, to loose time, revenue and good business opportunities.

In 2009 we’ve opened our very own ecommerce business from scratch, with very little experience the learning curve was steep, it was one of those cases where you either jump on the horse or be defeated, the latter wasn’t an option! After a few years of hard work our business was thriving selling not only in the UK but world-wide!

We dealt with every aspect of the business, from creating the e-commerce website to product sourcing, imports, logistics, marketing, branding, finance, customer service and the list goes on.

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We were fortunate enough to have had a background in architecture and business studies that gave us many business, design and photography skills that helped us along the way. Nowadays we’re ecommerce specialist consultants, designers, photographers and social media managers.

Since we started our e-commerce business we’ve worked with small and medium size business that want to jump into the e-commerce wagon or that already have an e-commerce presence but want to improve their business, processes or take the business to a different direction.

We’ve helped business owners that wanted to start selling their product or service on-line but have no idea how to do it or simply don’t have time to find out.

We love our job and love seeing the satisfaction in business owners faces when they see their business on-line without having to go through the whole hassle of understanding how to do it.

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