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It's a fact!

Global online sales continue to grow year on year! And you should take a piece of the pie!

If you’re debating whether having an online store is a good business move, then the answer is a definite YES! But don’t take my word for it, let’s look at the hard numbers.

Global e-commerce has an average growth rate of 6.7% a year, even the downturn in sales in other industries since 2020 caused by the COVID pandemic, e-commerce retail continues to grow year on year. The UK in particular is the third-largest e-commerce market with nearly £200 billion in sales in 2019, bringing British and international businesses great growth opportunities.

No other country has embraced online shopping as much as the UK, making online retail count for a quarter of all retail sales in the UK, this is expected to grow to one-third by 2024. Businesses that are not already on-line would need to think about adding online sales to their business model.


Benefits of Selling Online

Let’s start by saying that being able to sell your products online all over the world from the comfort of your own office is a wonderful thing, and here some of the reasons why:

  • Generally speaking, there’s no need to add extra internal processes to manage your e-commerce sales, of course, this will depend on your type of business, product and sales reach.
  • You’ll be tapping into the fastest-growing sales trend in the world.
  • You’ll be able to take your product or service to international markets from the comfort of your own office without the cost and stress of setting up physical shops in all the countries you want to sell in.
  • You’ll have a second source of product distribution and sales, and if you sell internationally your business will have a better “protection” from local market fluctuations and vice-versa.
  • More sales mean more economies of scale which in turn means more capability to negotiate better prices and shipping for your products.
  • You can add an unlimited number of products to your website without worrying about limited space in a physical shop.

Why Do I need an Online Shop

Opening an online shop is an easy process, most marketing agencies will say you only need to have an e-commerce website, and yes, that’s true, what they don’t say is that an e-commerce website is just 10% of the entire online sales process. Let me explain…

When you set up your business you got the right office, the right location, the right equipment, the right staff, and so on to make your business as profitable, well functioning, and successful as possible. If you set up an e-commerce shop, would it not make sense to set up the same internal processes to make your online shop successful?

The majority of businesses that fail in their e-commerce effort do so because they fail to understand that an e-commerce website is not the only aspect to make online sales success. Internal adaptations, organization, and setting up processes to support the online retail side of the business are key to making this adventure succeed.

Why Do I need an E-commerce Consultant

Online commerce can be different from traditional sales in the way it is presented to the customer, how it is promoted and the adaptations and organization the business needs to do to make it successful.

Unfortunately, many businesses often realized this when the shop has failed and there’s no way back. Getting an e-commerce consultancy from the beginning of the process will save you:

  • Learning the ropes of e-commerce on the go
  • Will save you money, stress, and valuable time in figuring out what works and what doesn’t.
  • Will save you time and money in setting up the right internal processes, changes, and organization that will support your online retail to make it a success.
  • An e-commerce consultant will help you understand what would be the best e-commerce design for your business based on your product, location, and business goals, not the other way round!
  • An e-commerce consultant will be with you from the start helping you in every step of setting up your online shop.
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