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So you want to start an e-commerce, where do you begin?

99% of people would say you need to begin by getting an e-commerce website, and yes, definitely you need to have a website to start an e-commerce business, but, if a website is your business on-line “store front”, would it not make sense that the website reflects your business? And I’m not talking about your branding image, I’m talking about reflect YOUR BUSINESS!

Throughout the years I’ve seen so many business that after a while had to close their on-line shop because it wasn’t selling enough, it was too complicated, we didn’t have time to manage everything, it caused havoc with our stocks, we lost money, etc etc etc.

The sad thing is that almost all these business opened an e-commerce shop thinking they only needed an e-commerce website, when in fact the website really comes down the list of things to do and consider when opening an on-line shop.

My approach is very different to most e-commerce consultants, I don’t start my telling you what website you should have or how it should be designed, for me the website should reflect how your business works, your goals and objectives.

Your business dictates the website not the other way round

My e-commerce consultancy service is about helping you to set up an e-commerce business that works! From start to finish, from analysing your business, products, the market, marketing strategy, website, legalities, import and export, and how to integrate your processes to work with an on-line shop.

My consultancy goes beyond just a website set up or the production sheets and sheets of data that quite frankly unless you’re a digital nerd you won’t understand a thing! Ultimately you want to create a sustainable on-line business that makes you money without incurring in extra costs, extra processes, and more staff.

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